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Should I Choose a Round Manhole Cover Or a Square Manhole Cover?

Apr. 28, 2021


Should I Choose a Round Manhole Cover Or a Square Manhole Cover?

Why are some manhole covers round and others square?

When people talk about round manhole covers, they will inevitably discuss the particularity of the round shape. Because it can be rolled, it is convenient for workers to carry. The round manhole cover does not have the problem of the longest diagonal. Its diameter is the same in any direction, and the manhole cover will not fall into the manhole, which is very safe. This is indeed the advantage and advantage of the round manhole cover. The round manhole cover is very good, why not make all the manhole covers round? We can see square manhole covers everywhere in our lives. Why is this?

In fact, the square manhole cover is also difficult to fall into the manhole. If you install or move it yourself, you will know that its quality is not light. If you want it to fall into the manhole, you must lift it up, turn it to a certain angle, and then push it into the manhole.

The most direct reason why a round manhole cover is round

The function of the manhole cover is to cover the manhole cover to prevent people or objects from falling into the manhole cover. Manholes need people to pass through, so we have almost never seen square manholes, because round manholes are more convenient for people to pass through and can even withstand pressure. It will not cause people to pass through a narrow space and be injured because of the existence of edges and corners. The manholes we commonly use are cylindrical. Therefore, all manhole covers must be round. Even if the cylindrical manhole is covered with a square manhole cover, the manhole cover will not fall into the manhole. But no one will do this, because it is completely unnecessary. The square manhole cover must cover the round wellhead, so the shortest diameter of the square manhole cover should not be less than the diameter of the round wellhead, so the square manhole cover will use more materials than the round manhole cover.

Should I choose a round manhole cover or a square manhole cover?

Round manhole cover and square manhole cover

Under the premise of the same drainage volume, the circular drainage port requires less material than the rectangular manhole cover, so the circular manhole cover is lighter and easier to move. You can roll the round manhole cover and move it easily.

During installation and disassembly, if the manhole cover needs to be moved frequently, and the size and carrying capacity of the manhole cover are relatively high, and the manhole cover is heavier, then the round manhole cover is easier to install than the square manhole cover. It has no corners and can be placed at any angle.

For the floor with ceramic tiles and floor tiles, a hidden square manhole cap is required. The common one is square. For cutting floor tiles and installation, the square is obviously more practical and easier to operate.

If you need to open the manhole cover frequently for view or check, a round manhole cover is not as good as a square manhole cover. When the square manhole cover is opened face to face, the manhole cover on the side that is in contact with the ground can play a supporting role, which is convenient for you to lift and check the internal situation. When you lift one side of a round manhole cover, the other side only touches one point, and it slides easily, which requires more strength and skill. Of course, you can also choose a round manhole cover with a hinged flip design, so you don't have to worry about this problem. If you need to fully open the manhole cover, you still have to start from the point of view of weight.

One advantage of the square manhole cover over the round manhole cover is that if the manhole cover is oversized, the manhole cover is heavier and difficult to carry. The square manhole cover can be made in sections, and can be made into a combined type, which is easy to open. This round manhole cover is broken. In transportation, the square manhole cover can make full use of the storage space of the transportation vehicle. The round manhole covers at the four corners of the box cannot be used effectively. Similarly, if your house’s sewer or drain is in the corner or against the wall, using a square manhole cover will save space, make it more beautiful and comfortable.

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